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Incorporating Drama and Art into Math Education

Let’s face it. The traditional methods for teaching Math are absolutely boring. The teacher solves a few examples on the board and the students answer a few practice questions. End of lesson. The present generation of students actively resists this form of instruction. They want to do, see, feel, touch. They want to be involved. This TED talk by Ken Robinson aptly describes how stifling the school system is.

Ken Robinson’s TED Talk

As a young teacher who wants to have her students involved in lessons, there are some challenges that I face:

  1. How can I control the students so that they don’t make too much noise or get too enthused?
  2. How can the activities involve every student in the class?
  3. How can I find activities that every child will love?
  4. How can I find activities that they will enjoy, but that will also help them retain the information?

There are no simple answers to these questions. However, I want to begin finding ways to incorporate two subjects that students love, Drama and Visual Arts, in the Math classroom. I want to get the students to move, feel and become a part of the Math they are learning. As time progresses, I will post some lesson ideas on this site that feature elements of drama or visual arts or both. Hopefully this experiment will work well.